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Typeface Tuesday /// Beautiful Wedding Fonts

Since wedding season is in full swing, I've been heavy into invitation design - so I thought I'd share some fonts that I found over on Burnett's Boards that could be perfect for weddings. Check out the whole post for some other wedding font tips and tricks.
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Why Didn't I Think of That? 7 Genius Home Decor Ideas

A chic way to hang hats. Via.

Affordable "wallpaper." Via.

Clothespin scarf organizer. Via.

Stylish glasses holder. Via.

Keep matching sheets inside the pillowcase. Via.

Make a rolling bed table. Via.

Turn a trash can upside down for an instant end table. Via.

Almost every time I sign onto Pinterest (which is a lot) I have at least one of those "why didn't I think of that?" moments. So instead of just pinning them and then promptly forgetting about them, I thought I'd share a few with you and also try to actually accomplish some of them in my own home. Starting with that fabulous clothespin scarf holder. So fun!


A Modern Take On Curtains For The Living Room

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

This weekend we have big plans to paint our living room... and once that's finished we're planning to hang new curtains. So I've been on the hunt for interesting, modern window treatments. I like the layered look of the fifth image above, and I'm also intrigued by the idea of a strip of color down the inner edges of the panels, shown in the first image. And I absolutely adore these... so unusual.

What sort of window treatments do you have in your home?

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7 Absolutely Gorgeous DIY Projects For Your Home

Make a stunning gold hanging planter using this tutorial.

Hexagonal shelving would be a great addition to any space. Directions are here.

A hanging shelf is a great space-saver. Read more here.

Plant greenery in teacups... so pretty! Learn about the project here.

These understated shelves are gorgeous. Get the tutorial here.

Loving this marquee letter. Find out more here.

These faux ceramic napkin rings would spice up your dining table.

Time for another healthy dose of creative DIY inspiration... above are some of my recent faves. I'm totally making that gold hanging planter this weekend. So glam! For more home-related DIY's, head over here.


My Favorite #mydesignfixation Posts

I know, I know....  Instagram hashtags can be overwhelming. Well, I'll make this one easy on you - add #mydesignfixation onto the caption of any photos you deem creative in any way and I'll feature my favorites here on the blog! Click here to see the whole collection. Below are a few of my recent faves....

Stunning calligraphy by wethreekeenes.

A pretty pink and gold pattern by ohhmeagan.

A drool-worthy washi tape collection by jolasjoyfulevents.


Typeface Tuesday /// Eye Candy

Surprise surprise, more food-related typography for this week's installment of Typeface Tuesday! I'm noticing a trend here. Can you imagine the patience it took to create this fun piece called "Eye Candy"? Head over to Behance to see the whole piece. 


New Etsy Additions + A Coupon Code

Recently I've given my Etsy shop a bit of a makeover, taking a few old pieces out and adding some chic new ones... most notably a set of gold watercolor prints. Above are a few... head over to the shop to browse the rest! And don't forget to take advantage of the exclusive sale that I'm running just for you guys - 20% off with the code DESIGNFIXATION (now through the end of June).


Typeface Tuesday /// Food Type

By now you may have noticed that I have a bit of an obsession with typography made using edible items. So obviously I loved this one. Seeds, beans and even cherry tomatoes are combined with a number of other foods to create this stunningly beautiful piece. Head over to Behance to watch a cool time lapse video showing the artists' creative process. 

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