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Watercolor DIY Projects + Inspiration

Learn to create these beautiful watercolor letters here. 

A watercolor scarf? Yes please. Here's the tutorial.

I was just plain inspired by the romantic feel of 
this gorgeous work of art by Francois Henri Galland.

Make your own cheery watercolor gift tags using these instructions.

This stunner is for sale here.

This incredibly beautiful flower is made of crepe paper 
(and watercolors, of course). Check out the tutorial here.

This made me want to go paint... you can buy the original here.

I've been fixated with watercolor lately - I've been using the medium myself quite a bit, and I've also been drooling over anything watercolor-inspired online (which will be very obvious if you take a look at my Pinterest boards). So I've rounded up a number of fun little goodies above for you... a few DIY projects, with some stunning inspiration mixed in.


Typeface Tuesday /// Popular Wedding Fonts

Below are 8 fonts that my clients ultimately end up picking the most for their wedding invitations. One client after another. And I wouldn't even use them to begin with if I didn't like them too. Most are decorative display fonts, but I do use Charlotte Small Caps and Apple Chancery quite a bit for the smaller text on invites. All 8 are great for things like place cards, favor tags, etc. So be sure to check them out if you're planning some DIY projects for your wedding! Some of them are free, too. 

And if you're in need of someone to design your wedding invitations, feel free to take a peek at my portfolio... and then give me a shout here.


7 DIY Projects Using Plexiglass & Acrylic

No tutorial here, but I think you could just screw a piece of plexi
 to the wall. And then write the days in permanent marker. Via.

Here's a how-to on french framing, shown above. Trés bien!

Make a set of coasters using this tutorial.

Find out how to make your own no-carve "rubber" stamps here.

Plexiglass gallery frames look elegant and cost less than traditional framing.

Make a modern plexiglass fruit bowl using this tutorial. 

A desk made of pallets and plexiglass... find the tutorial here. 

I've posted about lucite many times before, so today I decided to write about lucite's younger cousin, plexiglass. It's a relatively inexpensive material, and there are tons of things that you can do with it. Above are seven of my favorite DIY projects using plexi. 


Typeface Tuesday /// Logo Identification Game

Last week I shared a font identification game that was really quite addictive, so I thought it would be fun to share a logo identification game today. One letter of each logo is shown, and you have to type in the company name. Head over here to play and click on Logo Design Quiz. The "U" bugged me the most - I recognized it, but couldn't put my finger on it. How about you guys? Which was the hardest for you?


Be Creative!

You don't have to be an artist to be creative. I maintain that everyone has a creative side, but it just manifests itself in different ways. Maybe you don't like to draw, but you love to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen... that counts! Or maybe you're good at thinking outside of the box at work - that's a form of creativity too.

Although in theory my job as a designer and blogger is super creative, I find myself spending much of my time working on business-related tasks. So I'm working on adding some time into my schedule for painting, drawing, knitting, crafting, etc. That's why I was so excited to run across the infographic above. My favorite one is #20... it's always exciting to start a dialogue with someone about your work. To see this infographic and lots of other fun little tidbits, check out my Cultivate Your Creativity board on Pinterest.


Trend Alert /// 7 Cross Stitch Inspired DIY Projects

Find out how to make this cross stitch stool here.

Create a cross stitch "hello" coat rack for your entryway.

This sweatshirt is super cute... get the tutorial here.

Cross stitch gift tags are a fun idea too.

Paint a pretty cross stitch inspired pegboard.

Dress up your wall with a chic cross stitch heart.

Give your table a Scandinavian feel with this easy DIY runner.

I've posted about embroidery before, and now it seems that cross stitch has become the new hot trend. And this isn't your grandmother's cross stitch, either. We're talking modern, fun pieces that can be hung on the wall, worn, and even used to decorate gifts. Click on the links below each photo for the corresponding tutorials.


7 Celebrity House Tours That You Won't Want To Miss

This gorgeous bedroom belongs to former Hootie and the Blowfish 
frontman Darius Rucker and his wife. See the rest of the home here.

Benji Madden has some serious style as 

SNL star Cecily Strong's apartment has a new 

Whitney Port, designer and former star of The Hills, has a 
home filled with gorgeous eclectic touches. See more here. 

John Legend and Christine Teigen's home has a 
modern feel. Check out the rest of the house here.

Rachel Bilson's home has a polished bohemian look. See more here. 

I love the mismatched furniture in Michelle Williams's 

Now that the buzz from the Golden Globes has calmed down, I thought it would be fun to take a peek at the homes of some of Hollywood's stars... because there's nothing better than getting a little glimpse into the world of a celebrity, right? Above are my favorites.

Which one do you like the best? I'm partial to Darius Rucker's house.....


Typeface Tuesday /// A Typography Game

I just got sucked into this typography game for almost an hour. And I'm not a game person. So if you have any interest in typography, you'll probably want to check out Typewar. 

You're welcome.


9 Gorgeous Home Offices & Workspaces

Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 /// 7 /// 8 /// 9

I've been drooling over images of gorgeous home office for years with the hope that I would someday have my own (I currently work at my kitchen table). And I think it's finally going to happen. Okay, so not a whole office, but a workspace dedicated solely to designing and blogging. We're going to get rid of a large shelving unit in the bedroom and replace it with a desk. So now I'm even more obsessed with pretty offices. I'm drawing lots of inspiration from the ones above.... especially the storage boxes in different shades of pink. So fabulous.

If you feel like gawking at a few more gorgeous workspaces, try these and these.

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