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Free Printable Password Log

Every now and then my online passwords get out of control. Like, every single website has a different password type of out of control. And I'm constantly having to change them again because I have to have a reminder sent. But that's about to change. So I made a pretty little log to help me get organized. And now I've made it available for you too! Just click here and print it out. Hope it helps you as much as it has been helping me!


Trend Alert /// Black & White Spots & Dots

Resources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 /// 7

It's no secret that I love anything black and white, so of course I'm a big fan of the black and white spotted and dotted interiors that are popping up all over the place. And the dresses. And the furniture and accessories and stationery. Apparently it's the hot new pattern! What do you guys think of it?   


Typeface Tuesday /// Snow Typography

A New York City street artist known simply as Faust has been creating temporary art on the hoods and windshields of unsuspecting victims' cars - using snow! He writes phrases in a beautiful script, presumably with his finger. Now that's my kind of typography. Head over here to see more of his wintery work.   


Try My New Hashtag!

Hey everyone... I've finally jumped on the hashtag bandwagon! Add #mydesignfixation to all of your design-related photos on either Instagram or Twitter and I just might share yours right here on the blog! Anything creative counts, don't be shy. And do feel free to tag me (@faithtowersmedia) too! Check it out on Instagram here.

And in case you're wondering... I did the little watercolor pencil drawing above one chilly* morning while I was in Florida a few weeks back. (*And by "chilly" I mean not warm enough to go outside in shorts. Ah, those were the days). Have you guys ever used watercolor pencils? I would recommend them highly. They write like regular colored pencils, but then you can add water to the page using a paintbrush and transform certain areas to watercolor. 


The Colors & Textures of West Palm Beach

A couple weeks ago I visited the West Palm Beach area for a week, and I was struck by the stunning colors and textures. Not only in nature, but also in the architecture. Above are a few of the highlights. I keep staring at the top one... maybe it will help me survive this horribly snowy, cold winter.


DIY Projects For Your Home

Turn vintage glass jars into colorful vases. Learn how here.

Frame a scarf using this contemporary technique.

If you're into sewing, give these pretty throw pillows a try.

Need a new organizer in your entryway? Create one of these.

There's no tutorial here, but I'd imagine you just anchor 
several wine crates to the wall. Love. Found here.

Dress up your refrigerator with a set of colorful pom pom magnets. 
Tutorial available here.

I'm loving this wooden light fixture... get the tutorial here. 

I've caught the DIY bug, and I can't get rid of it. I've finally been working on all the projects around the house that I've been meaning to do for months. Maybe it's all the snow we're getting up here in Boston (which, on a side note, has become utterly unmanageable... you know it's bad when the "snow farms" used to melt snow hauled away from the city are at capacity). Somebody make it stop!!


Roundup /// 7 Free Valentine's Day Printables

Download this free printable (along with cross stitch instructions) here.

Grab these pretties here.

Giving out homemade goodies? Add these free printable tags!

Infuse some humor into your Valentine's Day with these cards.

If whimsical is more your style, give these a try.

Did you know that you can print on brown paper bags? 

Hang this gorgeous gold print on your wall for some festive decor.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I thought I'd share some fun (and free!) printables that you can easily download and give out on February 14th. Isn't that first one clever?


IKEA Hack: The Ultimate Jewelry Storage Solution

I have a bit of a costume jewelry fixation. And I love to make necklaces, too. So I have a ton of jewelry. And until recently, I didn't have a good way to store it - it was spread out all over my bedroom. So I braved the crowds at IKEA, bought a Stave mirror, and then bought some pegboard on the way home. And I whipped up the storage unit above. I'm completely in love with it; the mirror hides everything when it's closed, but reveals my entire jewelry collection when I open the hinged door. 

I shared a full photo tutorial over on Curbly, so head over here to check it out.


Shades of Green /// Interior Design Inspiration

Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6 /// 7

Green can be a scary color to decorate with. There are so many different shades, and sometimes it's hard to pull off... but when it's done right it looks spectacular. Above are seven examples of successful green-themed interiors. 

And it's hard to go wrong when you pair green with black and white.


Watercolor DIY Projects + Inspiration

Learn to create these beautiful watercolor letters here. 

A watercolor scarf? Yes please. Here's the tutorial.

I was just plain inspired by the romantic feel of 
this gorgeous work of art by Francois Henri Galland.

Make your own cheery watercolor gift tags using these instructions.

This stunner is for sale here.

This incredibly beautiful flower is made of crepe paper 
(and watercolors, of course). Check out the tutorial here.

This made me want to go paint... you can buy the original here.

I've been fixated with watercolor lately - I've been using the medium myself quite a bit, and I've also been drooling over anything watercolor-inspired online (which will be very obvious if you take a look at my Pinterest boards). So I've rounded up a number of fun little goodies above for you... a few DIY projects, with some stunning inspiration mixed in.

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