DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf /// Style How-To Videos

Pashmina Refashion Tutorial : DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf Videos

Yesterday I shared my super simple pashmina refashion tutorial, an easy sewing project that yields a gorgeous convertible scarf that can be worn six different ways (that I've found so far). And today I wanted to show you the how-to videos I made that demonstrate how to recreate each style yourself once you've made the scarf. Here goes!

1. Asymmetrical Cape Style

2. Scarf Style

3. Traditional Cape Style

4. Giant Cowl Style

5. Open Back Top Style

6. Shawl Style

Pretty easy, huh? It's the perfect extra layer for just about any situation. And it's great for traveling since it has so many different variations. And in case you missed the super simple tutorial for actually making the scarf, head over here. 


Pashmina Refashion Tutorial /// Easy DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf

Pashmina Refashion Tutorial : Easy DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf

The other day I went to brunch in Boston's lovely South End to celebrate my friend Megan's birthday, and she was wearing the most gorgeous cashmere cape. She told me it could be converted into a couple of different styles, and it got me thinking... I have about a million pashmina scarves that I rarely wear... I wonder if I could refashion one such that it could be worn in a variety of different ways? The answer is yes. 6 ways, in fact. 

And it literally takes 5 minutes to refashion the pashmina. Click "read more" to see the incredibly easy tutorial and to find out how to recreate each look. 


{Typeface Tuesday} A Different Viewpoint

Typeface Tuesday: A Different Viewpoint Face reality as it is

Whoa. Mind blown. How amazing is this? Funny how a different point of view can really change your opinion of something. Head over to Ultralinx to see other interesting optical illusions using typography.

Need your font fix for the day? Here is my entire collection of Typeface Tuesday posts. All of them.


{Tutorial} Easy DIY Chalkboard Cheese Serving Tray

Tutorial: Easy DIY Chalk board Cheese Serving Tray

It's that time of year when we entertain more, attend lots of parties and plan extra social activities. And cheese is almost always involved (as it should be). So I created a fun new take on the classic cheese board. Head over to Curbly to see my full tutorial complete with pictures and written instructions. 

The best part about this cheese board is that you can use any colors, even though it has a chalkboard finish... so you can customize it according to your preferences. And it makes a great gift too! Happy crafting, friends.


{Before + After} A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

Over the past couple of months, I've been working on a really fun project... a home makeover! Friends of mine, Erin and Eric, recently bought a house in the beautiful town of Winchester, Massachusetts. The home has "great bones," as they say, but needed some fixing up. They've been working tirelessly to make cosmetic changes - removing wallpaper, painting walls, refinishing furniture - and asked me to help with the decorating aspect. 

The first room that's finished is the bedroom! They knew they wanted to use a gray and yellow color scheme, so we picked accents in those colors and stuck with white for the larger, more expensive pieces. That way, if they decide to try a new color scheme in the future, they don't have to spend a fortune. Here is a view of the gorgeous gray tufted headboard and the newly refinished side tables:

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

They were looking for a classic style with some modern accents, which I think we accomplished! You may notice from the "before" photo that the lamp bases are the same - Erin just bought new shades to update them. Big difference, right? Such a great way to make the process a bit more affordable.

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

You may also recognize the white chests of drawers... they repainted them, added new brushed chrome hardware, and moved them so that they flank the bed. New bedside tables virtually for free! 

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

A large plant gives some life to the bedroom, and decorative yellow candles add a pop of color to the nightstand.  And aren't you in love with that chandelier? I am. I want one for my entryway!

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

A gray and white Moroccan trellis rug adds some interest to the open area at the foot of the bed, and bright yellow lemons in a clear vase add one more fun pop of color.

Before and After: A Yellow and Gray Bedroom Makeover

As you can see from the "after" photos, this was quite a transformation... and their effort was completely worthwhile, don't you think? Stay tuned for more makeovers in the coming months as Erin and Eric continue to work on the rest of their space!


{Tutorial} DIY Geometric Painted Umbrella

Tutorial: Easy DIY Geometric Painted Umbrella

I hate the rain. I know, most everyone hates it. But I despise rainy days so much that my moods correspond directly to the weather. Just ask my boyfriend. And I've always wanted one of those clear bubble umbrellas (they seem less apt to flip inside out in the wind). The clear plastic seemed like a blank canvas just calling out for a DIY project... so I painted bright geometric shapes on the inside.

Tutorial: Easy DIY Geometric Painted Umbrella

What do you think? More fun than clear, right? It was super easy, and didn't take more than an hour to make. When I was finished, of course I felt compelled to take a selfie:

Tutorial: DIY Easy Geometric Painted Umbrella

As you can see from the photo above, the paint does not create an opaque finish... it's more of a painterly, artistic sort of look. I like that you can see the brushstrokes, and the fact that some light shines through as well. So... here are the materials that you'll need for this super fun umbrella:

Tutorial: DIY Easy Geometric Painted Umbrella

1) Begin by painting a guideline in your first color on the inside of the umbrella, creating a triangular shape. Use the "spokes" (is that what they're called?) as the edges of your shapes. Fill in your first triangle using a fairly thick coat of paint. Get it as even as possible, because adding a second coat doesn't work very well. Trust me.

Tutorial: DIY Easy Geometric Painted Umbrella

2) Next, paint a second triangle next to your first one. The corners don't have to line up (unless you prefer a more symmetrical, even type of design). Make sure to get your brush up under that little plastic flap that surrounds the handle....

Tutorial: DIY Easy Geometric Painted Umbrella

3) ....or else you'll end up with something that looks like the picture above.

Tutorial: DIY Easy Geometric Painted Umbrella

4. Continue working your way out until you have a design that you're happy with. Don't go all the way down to the bottom of the plastic though, or else you won't be able to see through it which is the whole point of the bubble umbrella. Let it dry thoroughly for a couple of hours.

Tutorial: Easy DIY Geometric Painted Umbrella

And that's all, you're finished! Cute, right? My pup Charlie approves. I can't wait for it to pour so I can really test out my new umbrella. Just kidding. 

And the best part is that you could do any design you like - an abstract mess of colorful brushstrokes could be cool too. Or polka dots. Or splattered paint. The possibilities are endless!

Tutorial: Easy DIY Geometric Painted Umbrella


{Typeface Tuesday} Colorful Wall Art

A little eye candy for you today. Colorful string, nails, and a beautiful, sans serif lettering style... what could be better? And I love the unfinished feel of the excess string. It reminds me a lot of this.

The original photo source is unknown, but was found via Oh So Lovely Vintage. Shoot me an email if you know who should be credited.


{Trend Alert} DIY Tassel Projects

Make your own tassel scarf with this simple tutorial.

Decorate your space with a colorful tassel garland.

If you're in the market for a new keychain, this 
DIY project might be right up your alley.

Attach tassels to gifts for a fresh new wrapping idea.

This cheery DIY tassel blanket is another one of my faves.

I love the addition of the wooden beads to this one.

Find out how to make these colorful wire-wrapped tassels here.

Last week I shared one trend alert - feathers - and today I'm discussing one more. Tassels! They've been popping up all over the web. I just made a suede tassel necklace with a silver chain, and it's been a hit so far. So what do you think? Yay or nay?


Navy + Gold Interior Inspiration

1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// 6

I'm pretty obsessed with navy blue these days, especially when a bit of gold tossed into the mix. Above are a few of my fave navy and gold rooms from around the interwebs. And here's some more dark blue inspiration if you're interested.


{Trend Alert} Feathers

Painted feathers... so beautiful. By natspencer on Instagram.

Make a glittery feather garland using these instructions.

Well aren't these pretty? Buy them here.

Read the instructions for this DIY feather wreath here.

I'm not the tattoo type myself, but I can 
certainly appreciate a gorgeous one like this.

Make these unique place cards using these instructions.
Buy this stunning watercolor print on Etsy.

Every now and then, a clear trend emerges in the craft and design world. And I'm pretty sure I've spotted a new one - feathers! They're everywhere online, and I'm a big fan. Above are a few of my favorite feathery finds. And if you're in the mood to make a feather-embellished hair accessory, head over here.

Also, there's one other trend I've noticed lately; I'll be sharing that with you early next week. Coming up in the meantime... some pretty home decor inspiration.

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